Answers Detailed Beef

Answers Detailed Beef

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Answers Detailed formula provides a superior, wholesome, balanced diet of only the highest-quality sourced and fermented ingredients, suitable for all life stages. Our high-protein, fat-balanced, high-vitamin formulations ensure your pet receives all the necessary nutrients and maximum nutritional benefits required for a healthy immune system, digestive tract, and better overall health.

The number one ingredient is pasture-raised meat. Answers is proud to also include organic eggs from pasture-raised hens, organic fermented vegetables, fermented cod livers, and high-vitamin butter.

Meat, organs, ground bone, organic eggs, organic vegetables, fermented cod liver, butter, fermented decaffeinated green tea (kombucha) or raw goat’s milk whey, Montmorillonite (natural trace minerals), organic parsley, sea salt, natural vitamin E supplement.

Keep frozen. Thaw carton on plate to serve. Good for 7 days refrigerated.

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