Consultation Services

The foundation of your pet's health is based on nutrition. But it's no secret that pet nutrition is confusing. The number one question I always get when speaking with all of you all comes down to this: 

How can I feed my pet the proper nutrition within my budget and time restrictions?

And the answer to that question is as unique as your furry friend. That's why I've created multiple consultation options to help you answer all your questions, and maybe answer the questions you didn't even know you had yet.

All options are available for both cats and dogs.

I'm excited to let show you all of your options and dive into what they mean.

General Pet Nutrition Consultation

This is the most popular consultation that we offer. With this option we'll dive into any questions you may have about pet nutrition and get you on a basic path to start feeding better. You'll leave our conversation with more tools as well as feeding options for you pet. 

How to Make Pet Food

I'm a certified pet nutritionist and I want to share my knowledge with you. During our conversation I'll work with you and teach you how to make a balanced meal for your pet. I'll share resources and knowledge to get you started making nutritious meals for your pet! 

Personalized Pet Recipe Formulation with Training

I'll personalize your two pet food recipes and include the basics to start formulating your own pet food recipes. As a certified pet nutritionist, I'll guides you through the needs of your pet through nutrition, and get you ready to make your own recipes. 

Recipe Formulation 

I'll personalize two pet food recipes for you that are catered to your pet's exact needs. This is recipe formulation only, no training around pet nutrition included. 

Recipe Analysis

Do you already have recipes that you're using with your pet and want to ensure that they're balanced and safe? With this option I'll analyze your existing recipes along with your pet's needs to make sure that your pet's diet is balanced.

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