Making Treats with Live Q&A - Facebook Live

Preparing Sardines for Dinner

Frozen Treats

Solving Constipation With Food

Preparing a Shrimp Snack

Shelby TV Interview

Preparing a Dehydrated Dinner 
Zoe and Cece LOVE their dehydrated Honest Kitchen dinner mix.
It's a great step away from processed foods without some of the work of raw food.
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Preparing Beef Grind 
Making fresh meals for my dog Cecelia. Fresh foods are healthier for your pets and can help cut down the cancer rate among our pets. Let Ruff Ruff Raw help you feed your pet fresh foods with a nutritional consult.
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Quick & Easy Snack
Here’s a quick way to make nutritious and cooling treats for your pup (or even chickens)! Use organic whole milk yogurt and organic blueberries. Freeze. That’s it!

Butter Clams for Your Cat
Here is a quick tutorial on how to make butter clams for your cats. Matilda walks us through the steps as her two cats "Marshall" and "Bear" join along in the fun. Please ask us questions, share your comments, and don't forget to check out our shop!