Dogs Eating Grass

We’ve had a lot of questions lately about dogs eating grass.  Is it safe? Does it mean my dog needs to vomit? Is my dog sick?  Hopefully, I can help answer these questions for you today.

My dogs have been eating grass for years.  They don’t vomit and don’t appear to be uncomfortable. From my own experience, I don’t see any problem with it, as long as the grass is not chemically treated.   But I decided to do some research, and see what the experts say.

According to Dr. Dobias, grasses are beneficial for dogs to eat.  Once again, as long as they are not treated with chemicals. According to Dr. Dobias, because dogs eat a mostly meat diet,  grasses provide alkalizing foods rich with antioxidants and chlorophyll. The alkalizing foods can soothe the gut and balance the pH in the gut. But it doesn’t mean your pet is sick or has a disease.

Grasses are high in chlorophyll and antioxidants.  You may remember chlorophyll from school when you learned that the chlorophyll makes the plants green, and that tree leaves turn colors in the fall because the chlorophyll retreats into the tree trunk and stems for the winter, thus letting the true colors of the leaves be seen.  But chlorophyll is also an important nutrient for us and our dogs.

Chlorophyll has many great nutritional benefits.  It can help with digestion, healing, and anti-aging.  Chlorophyll also helps detoxify our bodies and maintain our organ health.  It can boost our blood health and even help with anemia. Chlorophyll is anti-inflammatory and also inhibits the growth of yeast.

So yes, not only is it okay for your dog to eat clean grass, it’s healthy for them!  PS: it’s also good for you to eat your green leafy veggies and get the benefits of chlorophyll too!

Feed Healthy. Feed Fresh. Feed Raw.


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