How To Incorporate More Fresh Foods Into Your Pet's Diet

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 turns out to be a spectacular year for you and your family. Now’s the time to reflect on your vision and goals for the future, and don’t forget about your pet! Today, I’d like to give you some easy ideas to give fresh, healthy foods to your pet.

It’s so easy to forget how important nutrition is for our pets. Every new year, most of us make a resolution for ourselves to eat better and to get more exercise; but do you do the same for your pet? Your pet would love to eat more fresh foods and get more exercise if they could tell you. That would be their new year’s resolutions too!

Here are some ways to get started, no matter what you feed now.

  • Give real food treats: pieces of meat, fruits and vegetables
  • Give dehydrated treats: organ meat treats are the best, like dehydrated liver or heart
  • Save any non-spicy leftovers to include in their next meal: like leftover hamburger or broccoli. Make sure there are no onions. Don’t feed from your plate or table to prevent begging. Obviously no junk food!
  • Give a raw bone: make sure it is raw. Should be frozen or refrigerated when buying from the store or butcher. Never give a cooked bone because it can splinter and injure the digestive tract.
  • Add an egg to their meal. Cooked or raw.
  • Add goat’s milk: raw or dehydrated.
  • Give a little sauerkraut in their food. ½ tsp per 10lbs of dog’s weight.

And, if you’re interested in feeding complete fresh meals, let me know and we can do a consult. I can help you create recipes just right for your pet.

Good luck to you in the new year!


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