Feeding Raw Bones - Featured Post from Woofer Wellness

Hi everyone,

I came across Woofer Wellness the other day and I love the information they're sharing! 

They did an awesome job covering the benefits of raw bones, how to feed raw bones, and some things to watch out for. Read the full post here

Here is one of our favorite excerpts: 

"Many owners feel intimidated by "horror stories" of giving bones but feeding them is really quite easy when keeping common sense in mind. I hope after reading this you will have a little more confidence in what you can and can't offer to your woofer! 

Raw meaty bones are classified as soft, consumable bones that still have some meat attached to them. These range from chicken wings all the way to big items like lamb heads, depending on the size of the dog."

Read the full post here and don't forget to check out our selection of raw bones and chews.


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