Pet Chiropractic

Hello!  Have you ever gone to a chiropractor?  I do on a regular basis, and it has been a life-saver!  I started having vertigo a few years ago, and have gone to doctors and allergists.  They only prescribed medicine to help with the dizziness but had no solutions to get rid of it.  Then I went to a special chiropractor that adjusted the vertebrate in my neck, and my vertigo is gone!  For two years I lived with vertigo, and it was terrible.

The reason I talk about my experience is that your pet may have pain or a condition that a chiropractor may help. Active animals play hard and can twist or tweak their spine.  Older animals may slip and pull or strain their backs. I have had my horse adjusted several times, and it helped him perform in jumping competitions. I also had my older dog adjusted after she slipped down a few stairs and couldn’t walk. After some homeopathic remedies and an adjustment, she is back to normal. My daughter also takes her cats in for chiropractic care. One of her cats injured his back and was miserable. After his injury, he got adjusted returned to playing with his brother.

Animals’ spines can come out of alignment just like people’s. The only problem is that they can’t tell us in words.  Some symptoms that your pet may need an adjustment are: change in their gate (or the way they walk), lack of movement, flinching when touched near the spine, dizziness, irritability and more.  If you suspect your pet might have hurt themselves, seeing a chiropractor may be a good idea. Your veterinarian may recommend a local animal chiropractor, or you can google for one. Some animal chiropractors also do other services like acupuncture or holistic medicine.

You don’t have to wait for an injury to take your pet to a chiropractor.  It would be a good idea to find an animal chiropractor you like before your pet really needs it.  This way you can get a baseline examination and see if your pet already has an issue. Chiropractors can let you know if your pet is out of alignment, or if your pet might have arthritis.  They will also help you with exercises for your pet and let you know if you need to take your pet to a veterinarian for more assistance. This is just another great way to help your pets live a happy and healthy life!

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