What Foods Are Poisonous?

March is Poison Prevention Month, so it’s a good time to remind ourselves of some good practices to help our pets be healthy and safe. Below is a quick list of toxic foods and helpful tips, but I also wanted to mention a few things about a couple of particular foods, garlic, and mushrooms.

Garlic is usually considered toxic to pets.  In reality, dogs can have a small amount. It is actually considered beneficial in small amounts.  Read the article from Dogs Naturally Magazine written by Rita Hogan, a canine herbalist. She discusses the benefits of garlic, what kind of garlic to feed, and when not to feed garlic.  

Another food that may be toxic are mushrooms, but not all mushrooms!  Wild Food Educator Karen Stephenson discusses how certain mushrooms are not only fine to feed, but which ones you should feed to help prevent diseases like cancer.  See the article to find out which mushrooms are good for pets at this link.

Some common toxic foods not to feed your pets  

(When in doubt, research the food before feeding it)

  1. Chocolate
  2. Raisins
  3. Grapes
  4. Cooked bones (boiled, smoked, roasted, etc)
  5. Alcohol
  6. Xylitol (sweetener in some candy, gum, and foods)
  7. Onions
  8. Some mushrooms
  9. Some nuts

Some things to remember:

  1. Put away food into cupboards or containers when you’re done with it
  2. Don’t leave your medications out.
  3. Call your veterinarian if your pet ingests something you’re not sure if it’s toxic
  4. Research foods and their properties before giving them as a snack or part of their meal
  5. Just because we can eat it, doesn’t mean your pet should
  6. Just because your pet wants it, doesn’t mean they should eat it
  7. Don’t share your “junk” food with your pet.  Instead, give them pieces of meat or healthier treats.  They’ll love them just as much as you love your ice cream!
  8. Save only healthy leftovers for your pets, like meats, fruits, and vegetables- not sugary milk in your bowl after you eat cereal!
  9. Train your pet not to take food that isn’t theirs (easier said than done!)

As you can tell, most of this is common sense.  We just need to remember our pets will get into things when we forget to store them properly.  Be safe!

Health and Happiness Begin with Food
Feed Healthy. Feed Fresh.  Feed Raw.


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